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These are words without sound, but sound the most.

“As a global direct sales organization we thought we were professionals, thanks to SSS we are now!”
Michael Hilti
Chairman Of the Board of Directors,
“FESTO has experienced excellent results from implementing the international sales training concepts to nearly 3,000 sales team members in 47 countries through the internal Train the Trainer process.”
Mrs. Ulrike Hole
former project leader International “Fit-for-Change” Sales Training,
“The skill of presenting Product, Feature & Benefit, “PFB” in particular, is the biggest take away for my team as it truly touches customer’s heart in creating value, “What’s In It For Me.”
Mr. Low Fang Kai
VHR Consultancy MY
“Now we make development of Product, Feature & Benefit as part of our product trainings in order to develop benefits that match customer paint points”
Mr. Daniel Tay
BECKHOFF Automation MY
“We believe in staff development in the core competencies of Attitude, Skills & Knowledge. Oh Norman fits nicely in our education initiatives to develop pre-sales, sales & post-sales employees with Sales Communication Skills.”
Ms. Carol Ong
WEG South East Asia Region
“Oh Norman fits our sustainability concept and has high relevance in the technical sales environment. Our technical sales team has better chance in winning customer over by strategizing the right communication approach!”
Mr. Lee Kok Soong
Head of Sales,
OMRON Automation MY