Mr. Wong Kim Leong

Mr. Wong Kim Leong is the founder and managing director of TOP Consulting established in 2013. He is passionately dedicated to being a “philanthropist” of education and strive to empower people to be successful in their work life. Mr Wong believes in health as an attitude, leading a balanced life style, enjoys training and sharing ideas which make a difference in people’s lives. He often speaks to small business groups and universities’ students about automation, sales and marketing topics.


Born to serve people! His interactions with those around him are warm, friendly and sincere.


Mr. Wong’s career path spanning 30 years has taken him from customer service, sales, leadership to a dedicated educationist. Since 1990, Mr. Wong has worked in engineering sales for 3 famous technology MNCs in Malaysia: CHENGHUA, NORDSON & FESTO and served customers from a wide spectrum of industries, e.g. E&E, F&B, Automotive and many others. Therefore, he has vast experience in Industrial Automation, Customer Service, Sales and Leadership. He is also an active member of Malaysia Automation Technology Association (MATA) which drives the adoption and learning of automation technologies for productivity & safety.


– Diploma in Electronic Engineering, TAR University College

– Master’s Degree in Business Administration(MBA), Heriot Watt University

– Global Partners & Associates LLC. Accredited Master Trainer

– Certified Technical Trainer, Festo Didactic

– PSMB Certified Trainer

– Member of Malaysia Automation & Technology Association (MATA)

– Member of Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC)